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Proof of Residency check
AML Screening
Custom document types
Custom data sourcing
White labeling
Watchlists checks
PEP and sanctions checks
Database checks
Black, white, and gray lists
Shareable internal blacklists

Standard Features

Identity verification
Liveness check
Passive Liveness check
Auto selfie capture
Biometric similarity
ID-to-Selfie match
ID-in-Selfie match
Live video verification
Document verification
ID validity checks
Auto document capture
Auto data extraction
Full integration support
API, Web, iOS & Android SDKs
UI customization
User flow customization
Modular architecture
Photo uploading
Watchlist service integration
Pay as you go pricing
In-depth analytics
Detailed usage logging
Data export & reporting
360 Identity Proofing
360 Identity Proofing
Identomat covers every aspect of identity proofing and KYC pipeline
Robust Performance
Robust Performance
Industry-leading low-light performance and device-agnostic operability
Fast Deployment
Fast Deployment
Identomat takes just hours to integrate and deploy, not days or weeks
Hybrid Architecture
Hybrid Architecture
Leveraging MultiCloud & On-premise for your mission-critical processes


What type of integration support do you provide?
Our technical and legal experts will work with you at every step of the way from presenting the solution proposal to your board, getting all necessary approvals by the regulators, and all the way to the public rollout. We look at this relationship as a true partnership.
What implementation methods are available?
a) REST API, Web iFrame, Web Redirect, Mobile SDK - iOS and Android, and React Native for front-end implementation. b) Fully managed web-admin for back-office ops.
What countries do you support?
We support government issued identification documents for over 240 countries and territories.
What document types do you support?
Identomat supports over 8,800 document types, including all ICAO Machine Readable Travel Document types.
Are there any hidden fees beyond the per verification price?
No hidden fees, except that all prices are VAT exclusive. You will be responsible for VAT to the amount based on where your company is registered. Tax rates differ between countries and are subject to change. You will also be responsible for the price of 3rd-party AML services you wish to integrate in your KYC pipeline.
How significant are volume based discounts and can anyone get it?
Yes, everyone can get it. Higher the monthly usage volume, lower the price. Let’s just say, we don’t ever need to price match the competition. For more details, please contact us.
Is my data secure?
Data security is paramount to us. We have processes in place to ensure no sensitive data leaves our servers or is accessed by non-permitted employees. Our ISO27001 certification is a testament to that.
Where is my data stored?
We process and store data in Amazon AWS cloud. We use instances at multiple AWS geographic regions to keep the data within the boundaries that are best suited for you and helps you stay compliant with local data privacy laws and regulations. For more details, please contact us.
Are you GDPR compliant?
Yes. Identomat even has a designated DPO (Data Protection Officer). Our GDPR policies are outlined in [gdpr-link]
Do your employees regularly review identity verification cases?
We only review the cases which you submit support tickets for.

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